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Service is a determining factor to ensure competitiveness. The company's dynamic and streamlined structure is used as a weapon to compete with our strongest competitors, but also at times, our slowest. The key conditions in order to offer a fast and flexible service are:



High stock levels, ensuring primary materials needed to process standard and urgent orders are always available,

Internal execution of the entire production cycle, from the arrival of primary materials from the steel mill, to the delivery of the final product to the client,

Rolling mills with contained widths, in order that they can be easily and quickly optimised for various sized production batches

Extra machinery with reserve production capacities that can be utilised in the event of urgent production requests.


All this however wouldn't suffice if it weren't for OLAN's strong "customer oriented" company culture; OLAN takes all client needs to heart, taking ownership of requests whether from direct commercial contacts, the bringing forward of a delivery date, or the production of a small sample batch.


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