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History. Tradition

OLAN was founded in 1952 by the Manzetti family, which to this day is the sole owner. Over the course of the years, all economic, technological and creative resources have been invested with a view towards strengthening the company's standing in the market and with its clients, in line with various key strategies:



Specialisation in high-quality products in niche markets;

Investment in the best and most up-to-date production machinery, guaranteeing continued quality over time;

Purchase of first choice primary materials from the most specialised European steel mills.


Production activities originally focused primarily on low carbon rolled steel strips with a mirror finish, intended mainly for use in the production of household appliances and lighting accessories. The types of qualities processed subsequently increased, with a particular focus on those used in the automotive sector: carbon and high-strength steel, wound in strips or spools.


IOver the years, the company's facilities, machinery and monitoring tools have been continuously updated with the best available technology, in order to efficiently approach new markets and accept the new challenges of the future.



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